These days CBD is often touted as the cure for those who have 99 problems and want just one solution. This magical cannabis potion is attracting a lot of attention, sometimes even among the muscle bound.

It’s become so beloved that CBD even has its own day now – August 8th – to celebrate all its life changing benefits.

While famed for having amazing benefits when managing things like epilepsy, depression, and anxiety, one of the attributes that often flies under the radar is the potential of CBD to help build muscle.

This is how the magic of CBD might help tighten up your sleeves.


1. Sleep Stronger Be Stronger

Muscles might be grown in the gym and fed in the kitchen, but they’re rejuvenated in the bedroom. No, not like that.

High quality sleep is your biggest recovery asset, and this will help you crush tomorrow’s workout with ferocious intensity.

One of the suggested benefits of CBD is that it helps calm both body and mind before bed and may even help increase the time spent in deep sleep. Think of good quality sleep as a medium-term pre-workout.


2. You’ll Chill Out

Building muscle demands a certain mindset. The daily stresses of life can often make a workout go awry.

Feeling calm and unstressed may help lower your levels of cortisol, which in turn can optimize your chief muscle building hormone testosterone.

CBD may help you lower anxiety both before and after a workout so you can put the stress in the rear-view mirror for a while and focus on the job of shifting that iron for reps.


3. You’ll Recover for Tomorrow’s Workout

What’s the single most influential factor in your training protocol’s likelihood of success?


Even the best routine, if done infrequently, won’t get you results.

Consistency is what builds muscles and CBD might help you forge it by combatting the post workout stiffness that so many muscle building routines bring.

It’s simple, if you’re too sore, you probably won’t train again.

Whether you rub it on your sore muscles or have a few drops under your tongue, one of the potential benefits of CBD is to aid with recovery.

Speak to any lifter two days after leg day and they’ll tell you they wished they had something to take the edge off their cowboy swagger.


4. High Quality CBD Can Maximize the Benefits

If you want serious results, supplement with CBD the smart way.

To this end, your supplements should first do no harm.

This means, the CBD you use should always be free from contaminants and be of the highest quality with ingredients that meet label claims.

An easy way to help you with this is to use products with a Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) Certified CBD seal.

The Certified CBD third-party certification tests CBD product lots to verify label claims and THC limits; check for heavy metals, microbiological agents, pesticides, and solvents; and screen for banned substances in sport or other possible drug contaminants.

BSCG is acknowledged as a leader in third-party certification by NIH-ODS, UFC, LPGA, NBA, CrossFit, Sport Nutrition and Dietitian Japan (SNDJ), Canadian Sport Institute to name a few. Check out their site to find your Certified CBD brand or product.

CBD supplements have the potential to do a lot of good for your body and mind, but only if it is the real deal. The BSCG Certified CBD program has done the heavy lifting when it comes to verifying the quality of CBD products. Now you just have to hit the gym.