Exercise is one thing, but chest training is a whole thing unto itself.

Your pecs are not quite like any other body part.

Instead, your chest holds a particular place of pride for just about anyone looking to build muscle.

Together with your arms, building a big chest is something that’s probably at the top of your list when you sign on the dotted line of your gym membership.


More frontage makes you seem more commanding in the club, on the sports pitch and in the boardroom.

The training is one side of the equation, there are plenty of chest routines to the X in your Y and taking the right supplements together in a stack is the other piece of the puzzle.

Here’s what you need to know about supplementing for a bigger chest.

  1. You can’t out supplement a bad diet

A clichéd platitude?

Sure, but you can’t feed your pecs deep fried foods and processed garbage and expect them to extend past a growing gut.

Eat healthy, it’s not hard to find information on to achieve this, especially if you’ve got a little WIFI at your fingertips.

  1. Start with Protein

Whey? Pea? Collagen? Vegetarian?

It doesn’t matter which type of protein you choose but just try to choose one that agrees with your digestive system.

How will you know? Test them out, find your body’s protein niche and have it before and after training to turn your chest into an anabolic powerhouse.

  1. Get Energy

Creatine is the most researched sports supplementing in the world, and it is scientifically certified to work at building muscle, mostly because it gives you energy to pump out more reps.

More reps mean more muscle. Easy, huh?

There are plenty of flashy sounding creatine options but stick with the version that’s tried and tested: creatine monohydrate. It’s the supplement-Wonderbra for more man-cleavage.

  1. Pre-Workout

Pre-workout offers different energy to creatine because the former gives you near instant access to the oomph you need to crush an intense training session.

It’s not something you want to take all the time, just on days when you need a little pep because you can become accustomed to the pre-workout which can lessen its impact.

Save that sucker for special occasions like chest day.

  1. Go for the best quality

If you want serious results, spend the right way.

To this end, your supplements should first do no harm.

This means it should be free from contaminants and be of the highest quality with ingredients that meet label claims.

An easy way to help you with this is to use products with a BSCG Certified Quality™ seal. This third-party testing group conducts testing on supplements to verify ingredient identity and label claims meet specifications as well as checking for heavy metals, microbiological agents, pesticides, and solvents. They work with the folk at the NBA, NFL, and WADA to name a few so check out the brands who are on their books.

  1. Consider a recovery agent

If you’re hell bent on results, you may train your chest twice a week, which means you’ll need to focus on recovery.

Worthy assets in this field are things like turmeric, ZMA and CBD.

Use as directed and you can easily double dip your chest training each week for faster gains.

Do it safely and take care of yourself and your chest will reward you, just don’t say thank you by doing the alternating peck flex dance in public.

That’s more of a private time thing.