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How To Combat The Coronavirus


The coronavirus is an illness that affects your lungs and airways and is becoming a more widescale problem each day that goes by. It’s never [...]

How To Combat The Coronavirus2020-04-03T09:28:12-06:00

Chris McGurdy: Hard Gainers Journey


Chris McCurdy struggled with low levels of self worth and poor discipline until he leaned on the experience of others to make a positive change [...]

Chris McGurdy: Hard Gainers Journey2020-04-01T05:08:29-06:00

Eat Your Way To Higher Testosterone


The ultimate culinary playlist for adding more wood to your workouts.   Shrimp They’re rammed with vitamin D, which Harvard University research found is associated [...]

Eat Your Way To Higher Testosterone2020-03-13T08:36:46-06:00

Eat Your Way Into A Healthy Old Age


Getting Heart Smart Heart disease is the number one killer of men and it’s not difficult to see how this affliction is so tightly yoked [...]

Eat Your Way Into A Healthy Old Age2020-03-24T05:47:02-06:00

Wild things


Forage for tasty wild food and nutrition-packed food in woodlands and hedgerows to make your heart sing to a healthy beat. Foragers are a movement [...]

Wild things2020-03-12T11:09:39-06:00

Work out against the clock


The speed at which your protein is digested can have a big bearing on how much progress you make. Use this protein guide to perfectly [...]

Work out against the clock2020-03-12T11:12:52-06:00

Herb Your Enthusiasm


Don’t discount the potency of herbal supplements. They’re a potent weapon in your exercise arsenal, but they could help or hinder your performance. Here’s what [...]

Herb Your Enthusiasm2020-03-12T10:53:43-06:00

Cancer-Fighting Food Choices


Veg out No surprises that too much meat can strain your system, but new research in JAMA Internal Medicine supports this notion by discovering that [...]

Cancer-Fighting Food Choices2020-03-18T08:31:51-06:00

Strength training for speed


Everyone would like to be faster, whether it's on the track, on the pitch, on the court, or lifting in the gym. All sports professionals can benefit and in this article, we will look at different types of strength training and why each is beneficial for increasing speed.   

Strength training for speed2020-03-13T11:05:15-06:00

Paleo Leaving You Low?


What we know: Eat less carbs – burn fat faster. But don’t eat enough carbs and you won’t perform optimally. Here’s how you can do [...]

Paleo Leaving You Low?2020-03-12T10:55:11-06:00
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