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Laird Hamilton – Forever Young


Laird Hamilton is a pioneer of tow-in big wave surfing and founder of XPT which gets Hollywood’s elite into shape. At 56, he’s got the [...]

Laird Hamilton – Forever Young2020-11-24T04:10:26-06:00

Heavy Weight Debate


The science of big muscles is supposed to be simple and intuitive. Use light weights for high reps to build muscle endurance. Then use heavy [...]

Heavy Weight Debate2020-11-05T06:45:29-06:00

5 Animal Movements For Strength and Conditioning (Video)


Al and Danny Kavadlo takes us through a 15 minute workout to ignite your primal animal. This is a total body calisthenics workout that’ll unleash your [...]

5 Animal Movements For Strength and Conditioning (Video)2020-10-30T11:32:04-06:00

The New Essentials


Take stock of your workout routine using this check list of movement patterns which are vital for improving your performance.   You’ve probably heard it [...]

The New Essentials2020-11-02T08:45:08-06:00

How To Maximize Your Summer Transformation


Almost everyone considers summer to be “cutting” season, but you should really be maintaining the progress you made during your springtime diet by the time [...]

How To Maximize Your Summer Transformation2020-10-22T08:13:15-06:00

Ricky Leport: If At First…


Ricky Leport had tried to get lean yet failed initially. But he tackled it properly the second time and achieved outstanding results Vital Stats Before [...]

Ricky Leport: If At First…2020-10-28T07:56:34-06:00

Double D


If you’ve tuned into the likes of Joe Rogan lately, you’ll know vitamin D is possibly the most on-trend supplement and it’s being touted as [...]

Double D2020-11-02T08:48:32-06:00

Groov-e Sport Buds: TRAIN Reviews


Review By: CGR Cooke, ANutr nutritionist, certified personal trainer, boxing coach, and trail runner with many years working in all sectors of the health, nutrition [...]

Groov-e Sport Buds: TRAIN Reviews2020-11-02T08:54:52-06:00

The Spice for Life


A healthy dose of culinary pain can lead to a lifelong reward If you want to add some extra years to your lifespan – and [...]

The Spice for Life2020-11-02T08:52:19-06:00
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