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No Place Like Home


Unable to set foot in the gym?  Get yourself covered with this full-body workout plan that will guarantee you hold onto your hard-earned progress.   [...]

No Place Like Home2021-02-12T09:54:47-06:00

Vegan Fitness For Beginners


James Dodds, owner of A-List Nutrition: How to build muscle on a vegan diet Protein is one of the most essential elements to building muscle, and [...]

Vegan Fitness For Beginners2021-02-08T04:58:12-06:00

What Do The Avengers Eat On Their Cheat Days?


Even the best of us need to have ‘cheat days’ where we allow ourselves a day off from our healthy active lifestyle. And by ‘the [...]

What Do The Avengers Eat On Their Cheat Days?2021-02-08T04:58:27-06:00

Brady Set For 10th Super Bowl Appearance


Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face reigning champions Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55 on the 7th February. Brady threw three touchdown passes [...]

Brady Set For 10th Super Bowl Appearance2021-02-08T04:58:31-06:00

Get A Good Spotter


No, not the gym kind. The kind of spotter who’s got your back when the chips are down and you need a positive support system. [...]

Get A Good Spotter2021-02-08T04:58:39-06:00

Armed With Solutions


Jeremy Ethier is a kinesiologist, founder of Built With Science @jeremyethier, Builtwithscience.com   If you were to think of the muscle group that contributes the [...]

Armed With Solutions2021-02-08T04:58:46-06:00

Stacked At 40+


Writer, Funk Roberts is a certified trainer, former professional volleyball player and plyometrics expert (www.over40alpha.com)   Getting older doesn’t mean you need to accept a [...]

Stacked At 40+2021-01-07T08:02:34-06:00

Fully Focused


Kris Gethin is the founder of his online coaching website http://www.Healthkik.com and the Kris Gethin Gyms Franchise.   Without focus there is a lack of [...]

Fully Focused2020-12-21T11:30:36-06:00
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