When looking to achieve a lean physique the guidelines you follow don’t necessarily differ with age. However, there are different things to take into account the older you get, and if you want to slim down when you’ve passed the 40+ mark you should consider these tips to lose or maintain your weight.


Aerobic Exercise
Getting your heart rate up with some aerobic activity should be near the top of your list when trying to improve your fitness and slim your waistline. Keep in mind that the amount of time spent performing aerobic exercise solely depends on your goals and your current health status. Recommendations based on these two factors can vary anywhere from 150 minutes to 250 minutes per week.
When it comes to how long you should workout for that is totally down to you, there is no best method to approach this. Everyone reacts differently to physical activity and what works for one might not necessarily work for another, it is always good to have a mixture of workout lengths in your plan, this helps to keep your body from becoming used to the same routine.
Use Functional Training To Your Advantage

It’s no question that when we gain weight we become less active and mobile. An easy way to combat this and what researchers encourage is to increase the amount of daily activity we do. This is where functional training comes in, functional training can be described as exercises that help us to perform daily activities more easily. This in turn burns more calories through our non-exercise activities, making it easier for you to stay lean.

Build Healthy Habits

Another key factor to losing or maintaining weight is building healthy habits. There are numerous bad habits that you probably don’t even realise you do that jeopardizes your health. For example, not drinking enough water can affect your memory, mood, and motivation levels, which isn’t that surprising when you consider that 60% of the body is made up it! Make sure you’re being mindful of your daily habits and start building better ones to improve your overall health.

Build Muscle And Improve Body Fat Percentage

The best way to lower your body fat percentage is yes, you guessed it, build muscle! Your body composition should be your main focus, so make sure you know how to check your body fat percentage. Resistance training is an essential part of maintaining a healthy weight and making sure that we have more fat free mass to help us stay active and keep our metabolisms healthy as we get older.

Speak With Your Doctor More

If you’re concerned about your waistline then you have to understand the risk factors that can come with it. Certain health conditions such as heart disease, can be of a higher risk should you put on too much weight. Having regular check-ups with your doctor and discussing any questions you might have with them, can be crucial when it comes to your overall health and longevity.

Positivity Is Power

With any sort of task you take up, having confidence in yourself to complete it is key, especially when it comes to losing weight! Learning how to believe in yourself will help you to be more successful on your fitness journey, whether you believe that it’s going to be hard work then it manifests, and everything you do there after becomes more of a chore. A great way to look at it is that exercising your body is a celebration of what your body can do and not a punishment for any reason.


If you find that you are overweight and with age that isn’t changing, it’s time to give yourself a kick up the backside, don’t give yourself the easy excuse of your age, don’t give in! Weight loss for men over 40 is VERY possible and with time the efforts that you put towards it every day add up to countless benefits in the long (and short) run. So get out there, get active, get yourself some confidence and allow yourself to change your life around for the better. You’ve got this.