Sonny Cherrito thought everything was fine until a medical test for his new job revealed otherwise. So he took his health by the horns and torched 50lb of body fat in the process.


Sonny Cherito Vital statistics

• Age: 38
• BF: 32%
• Weight: 189lbs

• Age: 39
• BF: 7%
• Weight: 135lbs


sonny cherito before transformation


1 Screening out for health

A biometrics screening for my employer returned horrible results. I was obese, had blood pressure, and my cholesterol was through the roof. My health was impacting my daily life and I was at risk of a stroke. I was mentally and physically drained.


2 My other love story

I love mountain biking and hiking. It’s whatever gets me actively out in nature. My meditation time is writing. I just self-published my first novel entitled Colliding Worlds–A Tragic Love Story.


3 The gift of gym

Being healthy and fit for my daughter is truly an honor and a must! The gym allows me to do that and I’ll never take it for granted.


4 Unlimited edition

I plan to keep training and entering physique competitions until I am physically unable to do so.

Breaking the limit to what my body can do and stepping out of my comfort zone will be a never-ending goal of mine—it feels awesome


5 Social backing

Aside from fitness stars like Jym Stoppani and Kris Gethin, I would have to say other “every day” individuals I meet online through Instagram motivate me.

We understand each other and have the same goals in mind.


6 Time to train

I train 5 days a week for about 1 hour each session. Training is typically heavy weights which I love. I hit abs a couple days a week randomly, whenever I have time. 2 days are spent as active rest.


7 Resting outdoors

Weather permitting, I’ll either mountain bike ride or go for a hike. Anything outdoors always takes priority. Otherwise, I may do some ab work in a gym. If I’m preparing for a physique show, I do my HIIT here.


8 Mixing diets

My diet consists of a “clean diet” mixed with a bit of IIFYM theory. I try to stay away from sugar and unnecessary carbs; however, once a week I allow myself a really dirty cheat meal with dessert (ice cream!)


9 Grimey music

Surprisingly, some of my best workout music is not the traditional hard rock or heavy metal.

I’ll listen to whatever fits my mood—classical, 80’s, or even some Pink Floyd can get me through a grueling workout.


10 The split

Monday – Chest & Triceps
Tuesday – Back & Biceps
Wednesday – Legs & Abs
Thursday – Active Rest
Friday – Shoulders, Chest, Triceps
Saturday – Back, Legs, Biceps & Abs
Sunday – Active Rest


sonny cherito after transformation


11 Desert for breakfast

4 Egg Whites
1 cup Oats
1 cup Almond Milk
I mix everything together, make into a pancake, and top with 2 Tbsp peanut butter, cinnamon, and calorie-free syrup.


12 Kaged supplementation

I use Pre-Jym, Post-Jym and Pre-Kaged products. I use a scoop of Pre-Kaged 30 minutes before my workout as it’s high quality and contains clinical doses of citrulline and Carnosyn.

I use a scoop of Jym protein to satisfy my sweet-tooth.


13 Midnight mix

Before bed, I’ll take a half cup fat-free cottage cheese, half a cup fat-free Greek yogurt and two tbsp of peanut butter.

Mix everything together for an amazing pre-bed snack for slow-releasing protein while you sleep


14 Oats so tasty

I LOVE oats. Oats, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt make a pretty large portion of my diet.

Since I love dessert, whenever I make overnight oats, it’s like having dessert. I wish peanut butter was calorie-free since I’m addicted.


15 Pursuit of happiness

I don’t know who it’s from, but simply “enjoy life” is my favorite quote. I suffer from depression and unfortunately, I’s often got the better of me.

Laughing and smiling are key to enjoying life; and it’s here, where I’m happy.


16 Climbing the peak

I’d like to get into rock climbing and give 2018 American Ninja Warrior a shot. To inspire others to take control over their weight and general health will always be in my heart.

Overall, I look forward to making my future years the happiest.


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