Nagging injuries pushed Junior Telfer away from his first love – football, and into a flourishing new relationship with the gym. His transformation has been picking up momentum ever since.


From Junior to senior strength

I’d always loved football from a really young age, it was my passion but, for some reason, I just couldn’t catch a break and seemed to always pick up an injury. I was always active as a child so when it came time to apply for university, I figured things would fall into place if I studied a Sport and Exercise Science degree.

I passed this while also working part-time as a personal trainer and now have a Bsc Hons, which really made me more confident within the industry, expanding my skills and knowledge. While working as a personal trainer, I fell in love with fitness all over again and decided to help myself, as well as the many clients I’d helped.

I’d lifted weights casually but now was the time to be consistent to reach my goals – friends and family started to notice a difference in my physique, which gave me the extra push to stick to it. I still remember deadlifting in the early days with 45kg and thinking I was some type of strong man.


junior transformation


International training

I then spent some time living in Germany and that’s things really kicked off as I started to focus on my big lifts – deadlifts, bench and squat. My numbers started to increase and for the first time I personally noticed my physique change too.

While in Germany, I also got my diet together. Speaking to a good friend of mine and he put across the importance of tracking macronutrients and calories to transform my physique. That’s when I started to really notice my gains really taking off. My German friend told me about the Hodge Twins and I started to learn quite a bit from them. I’m now currently prepping for my first UKBFF Men’s physique competition.


Fueling the dream

At the moment every meal is prepped every 3 days. I’m currently prepping for my first UKBFF men’s physique contest. I currently have the following targets:


My macros

Calories – 2477
Protein – 205g per day
Carbs – 195g per day
Fat – 52g per day


Breakfast of champions

I normally have for breakfast Scottish Oats or 5 egg whites with 1 whole egg.


Hunger striking snacks

I tend to snack on cashew nuts in between meals approximately 30g worth daily. I have 4 main meals through out the day. There are always some vegetables for fibre such as broccoli and green beans or asparagus.

I tend to stick with brown rice a lot of the time, as I love rice. Each couple of days I mix up the protein intake I have. I love fish either salmon or cod I find it easier to eat whilst dieting.


junior transformation

Junior – Before


Cuisine gains

When I’m not in prep, I like to be a little more flexible with my diet as long as I’m within my calorie target. With life, I feel we’re here to enjoy ourselves and explore new foods.

As I’m half Jamaican, I do love West Indian food. The spices and seasoning of the food are second to none.


Supplements for the transformation

Creapure creatine monohydrate – In the off-season, while building up my lifts and increasing my strength I’d normally take 5g daily. I’d always take this post weights session.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein – 2 scoops per day

Optimum Nutrition L-Glutamine – 2-3 5g scoops daily.


junior telfer transformation

Junior – after


Junior’s not-so-junior transformation workout

All exercises:
Sets / 3-5
Reps / 8-12
Rest / 90 seconds


Standing military press
Seated machine press
Dumbbell lateral raises
Barbell upright rows
DB laying rear delt rows
DB seated bent over raises


Day 2 - Back, Biceps and Abs
Wide grip pull ups 
Barbell deadlifts (1x per 2 weeks)
Barbell bent over rows
Wide grip lat pull down
Dumbbell 1 arm rows
Seated rows
EZ-bar bicep curls
DB Hammer curls
1-arm DB preacher curls
Hanging Leg raises  
Decline bench Med ball twists
Swiss ball jackknifes
TRX Pikes 
Abdominal Cycles


Day 3 - Legs
Barbell squats
Leg press
Barbell walking lunges
Unilateral leg extensions (superset)
Romanian deadlift (superset)
Barbell split squats
Calf presses


Day 4 - Chest, Triceps and Abs
Incline DB press
Flat bench press
Decline bench press
Incline cable presses
Incline cable flyes
Cable low flyes
Weighted dips
Rope tricep pushdowns
Laying French press
Reverse curls
Back extentions
Vertical leg hip raises


Day 5 - Shoulders 
Barbell rear delt rows
Cable rear laterals
Barbell front raises
Single laterals (cable)
Single front raises (cable)
Dumbbell Shrugs


Day 6 - Legs
Lying leg curls
Hamstring raises (assisted)
DB reverse lunges
Single leg press
Barbell step-ups


My cardio fitness

I’m currently doing 30-45 minutes per day for my cardio. I’m currently on the stair master has its whopping my ass. I’m currently doing between levels 7-11 for approximately 20 minutes a go twice a day. I get in fasted cardio when I can and then one in the evening or lunch.


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