Jose Crisol was born with a rare condition which stacked the odds against him but he’s fighting fit with fitness. TRAIN spoke to Jose to find out exactly how his amazing character helps him not put limits on what’s possible.

Can you tell us a little about your condition?

I was born with spina bifida, a neurological condition where the spine fails to develop properly at birth which causes severe nerve damage. I have been paraplegic all my life but because of a few other issues or complications with my lower half due to poor blood flow circulation, pressure wounds and infection, I made the practical decision to opt for amputation.



What have been the biggest obstacles that it has presented you?

My biggest obstacle being handicapped physically is climbing stairs but I’m conditioning myself by transferring to the ground and crawling. The biggest obstacle socially was getting over certain insecurities around other people. Nothing too different than anyone else who learns self-acceptance or experiences growing pains as we all mature, but it was an issue I had to overcome in my past by realizing everyone is different; no one has ever been perfect.


Does your diet differ with your condition?

My diet is fairly standard – my appetite has always been normal, however, having a more physically compact anatomy, I do eat less than most; not necessarily in calories but quantity, for sure


What motivates you to get in the gym?

Exercise gives me energy, power and control. At least, over the way I feel, as certain aspects of living with my condition like poorly functioning kidneys often sends me to the hospital. The gym is my therapy. It helps me to work on myself and fight back against adversity with strength


What are your future goals?

My goals are to become a personal trainer, motivate, uplift and encourage others. I want to help them overcome their own physical challenges through what I have learned and experienced.



What message would you give to any of our readers who are struggling?

The most empowering thing about always reaching for your potential is knowing where you stand. Every time you push yourself to the limit, past your expectations, through the pain and beyond, you’re expanding your courage.

You learn that no amount of fear or setbacks can defeat you if your heart, mind and body are conditioned to succeed!

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