It’s true that sometimes all you need is the right playlist to get you through your workout, and with such an array of music out there that’s easily accessible through streaming platforms, the ultimate workout playlist is just a few clicks away.


But to save you the time of trawling through countless playlists, the team here at TRAIN have done that for you. We’ve searched through hundreds of tracks ranging from hip-hop, house, rock, and beyond, on public playlists and our own, and narrowed them down to these 10 songs that will offer a helping hand when you need to push through those final reps.


Drake – No Tellin’

When you think of Drake you probably think of his recent hits, the chart toppers, but if you dig a little deeper into his music you can find a whole other side to the “Hotline Bling” style, and this is a perfect example. Coming from his 2015 album ‘If you’re reading this it’s too late’, a very different side of Drake is unleashed, a more dark, mysterious vibe but one that still has so much emotion and character that drives the track, as always in Drake’s songs it’s full of quotable lyrics and relatable lines that gives a sense of urgency in the moment of listening.


Bicep – Apricots

Alive with Malawain vocals and chants that add more tension and excitement every time they swirl back around, combined with driving chord stabs and precise automation that results in a trance like euphoric progression that pushes the listener along with the track. Sure to have the hairs on your neck standing up!


Linkin Park – What I’ve Done

A true classic from Linkin Park, the first single from their third studio album ‘Minutes to Midnight’ showcases their raw, expressive nature through heavy drums, guitars, and vocals, something they always seemed to perfectly encapsulate. True geniuses at work, who will live on in history for their revolutionary take on rock music.


Armand Van Helden – U Don’t Know Me (Ft. Duane Harden)

Another classic but this time from the late 90’s in a house record, this time more upbeat and bright. A song that you surely know the words to, and if you don’t, you’ll sharp learn them once you listen to it, get hooked, and have it on repeat for the next three hours.


It’s Shme – House of Joy

Heading more towards the pop house/edm genre, this newly released tune has been doing the rounds for personal trainers and instructors alike. The thumping kick helps drive the track while airy melodies and vocal chops dance around it, making it the perfect tune to help you forget about those sore muscles.


Chicane – Don’t Give Up

If some reassuring lyrics are what you’re after then this track could be the one for you, especially if you’re starting to feel your body giving up on you. Accompanied by a bouncing melody that you feel you could listen to on repeat and never get tired of… hopefully it can transfer that same energy during your training session!


Bryson Tiller – Rambo

This song might be able to make you train hard enough so that you end up like the guy in the title.


Post Malone – Over Now

Potentially one of the most overlooked and underrated songs from the ‘Beerbongs and Bentleys’ album released by Malone in 2018. The track itself seems to combine rock, hip hop, and trap music, albeit in this case it isn’t a bad thing. The kick, hats, and snares push the track along nicely and give you this sense of pushing forwards, which is exactly what you need when hitting a heavy set in the gym!


Disclosure – Douha (Mali Mali)

Back to the house music now with this timeless piece from Disclosure, a great combination of their iconic synths, bouncy drums, and energetic vocals, which you simply cannot stay still to! Although that might not be the best thing if you’re mid overhead press…


Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Well, we did say that this list would have a variety of music, and I don’t think it disappointed in that sense! Finishing the list off is Nirvana’s 1991 hit, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and what would be considered quite the opposite vibe to the Disclosure song above, but another motivational song nonetheless. There’s something about the eerie feel to this track that speaks to us all in one way or another, which is all part of the genius minds behind it. It’s the type of song you want to singalong to because of it’s ambiguous nature, an ideal scenario when you’re trying to dismiss the overhauling thoughts of despair as you try to push out those final reps.