Zinc Carefully

Those in the know appreciate zinc’s tireless contribution to their manliness both as a testosterone elixir and an immune elevator. With a boss capacity to make you stronger inside and out, it’s tempting to binge for additional improvements, but don’t go overboard. It was discovered in a paper published in the journal >PLOS One that high levels of zinc in the body can contribute towards the formation of kidney stones. And if you want to know what the agony of giving birth feels like, try passing a hard pebble on your next toilet trip – it’s not the kind of pain you’re likely to forget in a hurry. The best food sources are meat and shellfish so if you’re supplementing on top of that then you may be setting yourself up for a roar of agony in the bathroom.



The amount of weight lost by obese people whose breakfasts included whey protein. It took 12 weeks and they had a high-calorie breakfast, medium-calorie lunch and a low-calorie dinner.

13.4lb lost by those who took other proteins

6.8lb lost by those who took carbohydrate supplements

Source: The Endocrine Society



Observe the tragedy of the humble red pepper, one of the world’s richest sources of vitamin C. Too often it gets overcooked until it loses all crunch by which time you may as well have eaten a shoelace. Use this guide to make sure you treat your foods with the kindness they deserve to maximize your gains.


Does exposure to heat cause nutrient loss?

Vitamin C       Yes

Vitamin A       Stable

Vitamin D       No

Vitamin E        No

Vitamin K       No

Vitamin B6     Yes

Vitamin B12   No

Riboflavin       No

Niacin             No

Biotin              No



Does exposure to light cause nutrient loss?

Vitamin C       Yes

Vitamin A       Yes

Vitamin D       No

Vitamin E        Yes

Vitamin K       Yes

Vitamin B6     Yes

Vitamin B12   Yes

Riboflavin       Yes

Niacin             No

Biotin              Yes


Use This Advice

If you’ve learned that you’re deficient in one of these nutrients then pay attention to how you store and cook foods, which you know you are eating to get your daily vitamin intakes. So, if you’re injured, sick or in need of recovery from ruthless training sessions then store vitamin C-rich foods like bell peppers out of the light and cook them only for 30 seconds to warm them up so you gain access to all the available vitamin C.


The Downward Slope

Here’s the breakdown of how much vitamin C you lose as you cook


Vegetable       %loss in 5 mins         %loss in 15 mins       %loss in 30 mins

Pepper            11.76                          35.28                          64.71

Green peas    10.59                          33.33                          58.28

Spinach          9.94                            29.94                          60.00

Pumpkin         12.43                          37.43                          62.43

Carrot             16.57                          33.33                          49.91


Source: International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research




The Downward Slope