1 – If you don’t, you might die

Ok, a bit extreme but, no joke – Bodybuilding.com athlete, dietetics scholar and bikini competitor, Lacey Dunn explains why eating for gains could also mean eating for death. Damn, way to kill our muscle building vibe. Don’t worry, though, she’s not just here to depress you into re-racking your weights for good. Lacey gives us a better solution – a world in which your gains and food can live in harmony. That’s a world we want to be a part of on page 102


2 – If you don’t, Sadik will scream at his poor right bicep some more

Our cover model, Physique champion Sadik Hadzovic spills his secrets and lays down what a championship workout looks like. The epic four-page feature contains every gut-busting exercise, set and rep that Sadik performs en route to the Mr Olympia stage. Be sure to tick all of the nutrition boxes that he gives you too. You don’t want to miss this – do it for Sadik’s bicep on page 86.


3 – If you don’t, you’ll never know how to get smashed and still make them sweet gains.

Menno Henselmans of Bayesianbodybuilding.com is your saviour. Why? He’s about to show you how you can let your dignity go, but keep your physique intact in this huge five-page list feature. That’s 17 ways you can be that annoying guy who drinks beer without carrying a beer keg for a belly. If Aladdin could do it again, he’d make this his first wish. T47 contains Menno, your personal genie – no rubbing required on page 90


4 – If you don’t, you’re doomed to a lifetime of stress at work

Are you that martyr for your job? Take pride in being at work until 10pm while everyone’s snuggled in to the next episode of The Walking Dead? Stop it…now. Continuously seeking productivity and stress without the yang to your ying is the fast-track into breakdownville. Jump off the train, do a triple barrel roll when you land and catch that copy of Train 47 destined for your grubby mitts. Turn to page 96.


5 – If you don’t, Logan will go all Wolverine on you.

In this months “Lessons from the Masters”, we have Huge (we’ll let you decide if that’s a typo) Jackman taking us on his fitness journey and explaining his philosophies. A man who’s earned his fitness stripes (or slashes), imparting wisdom on the young whippersnappers of our readership – what’s not to love? Logan when he’s angry at you for not picking up T47, that’s what. Flick to page 38 to make him happy.


6 – If you don’t, you’ll miss out on doping yourself up

No, Class A’s are not the free gift with TRAIN magazine this issue. Tom Kerridge, Michelin Star Chef is showing you how to get that legal high through your food. This dish will crank up your happy hormones and, best of all, not lead to your arrest. Happy days. All the ingredients you need to feel good on page 115.


7 – If you don’t, you’ll die a horrible death through treadmill boredom

IFBB Physique pro, Brandon Fokken, is here to kick you off that hamster wheel you’ve been stuck on. He’ll pick you up and put you on a better structured programme to ensure you’re not constantly sore – who knows, you may actually even start to look forward to your cardio sessions. Ok, we can’t guarantee that but you might, one day…maybe? Boredom be gone on page 58


8 – If you don’t, you and your diet could run out of steam.

Kind enough to supply you a diet plan with a weeks worth of meals is Allison Fahrenbach, natural pro figure athlete. It’s not just any old cookie-cutter meal plan, either. Any old gym bro can chuck one of those up in a forum, backed up with far-fetched claims of how much he can bench. Sure, bro. Allison’s been there and done that, explaining exactly why this plan will have your back in any endurance sport. Grab that on page 119

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