Another month, another action and info-packed TRAIN Magazine issue.

As if you needed any more reasons to pick up the mag – if you’ve read a previous issue, you know we’re pretty dang good (and modesty is our ethos at TRAIN), but in case you needed a reminder…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Train Magazine, August Issue 48


1. Score brownie points with your girlfriend

Let’s have an honest man-to-man chat. We’ve all been there…Much to your annoyance, your girl loves a bit of Zac Efron, but you find his movies about as appealing as a kick in your baby-stores.

One thing you can’t deny, though is that the dude is in sick shape. He also wants to make it up to you for being forced to watch his movies, by telling you how he gets himself into incredible nick. A generous move we’d say from the Hollywood heartthrob who reveals his rules for success.


2. We’ve had the decorators in

Our designs bods over at TRAIN hq have been in with their (Photoshop) paintbrushes and given the mag a fresh lick of paint. We’re excited by our new design and think you’ll love it too. Don’t miss the chance to pick up this historical first copy of our new design.


3. Get absolutely shredded like our cover star (if you survive)

Our cover star, Cory G, has a few screws lose by his own admission. Besides the front cover, he welcomes you to what he calls his “crazy” – an intense workout consisting of weights, calisthenics and cardio. If you don’t keel over by the end of the week because every day is leg day, then you’ll be one step closer to ripped, muscular physique. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.


4. Learn how to paper over the cracks

Perfect doesn’t exist, nor would it be fun. Everyone is dealing with a niggle here and there in the gym, or a lifestyle that isn’t optimal for perfect results. The good news is unless you’re going for a Mr Olympia title, (you’ll need a little more than TRAIN Mag at this point, bro) there are some hacks you can perform to paper over the cracks and gain along on your merry way. You won’t want to skip out on our list feature, 16 Way to Paper Over the Cracks.


5. Gain heavyweight muscle for the cage

Former WWE superstar, now professional beater-upper of men in cages, Bobby Lashley, breaks down his workout for success in the ocatagon. Disclaimer: Ass-whooping guaranteed with this workout.


6. Get shredded…still (Summer isn’t over yet)

You’re cutting it pretty fine – those pool parties aren’t going to wait for you. Luckily our contributor, athletic trainer, John Hayes has provided you with a workout plan to get you considerably leaner over 4, 8 and 12 weeks. There’s still time. It’s not over until you’re ripped.


7. and get shredded some more

Who are we kidding? You aren’t convincing your abs to come out and play with your current cuisine. We’ve got your back covered nutritionally as well as from a workout perspective. Flip over to our Power Nutrition section for 12 Forgotten Lean Tactics for a two-pronged attack on your body fat. You’re welcome


8. Manage your macros

Our nutrition section, Macros, is packed so tightly that it’s spilling out of the bun. A 7-day anabolic muscle-building diet, ways to power up your vegetables and recipes are a few pieces you can expect in this section. Variety is the spice of life after all (Would you like some extra cheese with that one-liner?)


9. Stop making excuses

Need some extra motivation but the new series on Netflix got you glued to the couch? Let our eye-popping transformations hit you with a much needed shot of inspiration to peel yourself off the sofa and into the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go from fat to fit or slim to stacked, or even if your health is suffering. There’s someone in this section who can tell you how they did it.


10. Stop being a big baby. Wait, actually…

Go back to being a baby with our Big Read. We go down memory lane and see what we can learn from our times of being molly-coddled as a lil’ un. Bonus challenge: See how long it takes you to get freaked out by the babies heads pasted on an adults body throughout the article. Thanks, design team!


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