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5 Tips for Eating Healthy at Parties

You can still socialize when you’re watching what you eat without offending your host. Specialist diets have gone from niche to mainstream, but between the special diets and food allergies and sensitivities, you’d be hard-pressed [...]

Beat Your Muscle Building Plateau With These Tips

If you’ve stalled in your ability to keep making muscle gains, these small adaptations can make big improvements. New location Try changing gyms every few months. There’s no harm in playing favorites with your pet [...]

Protein Speeds For Maximum Results

With so many nutritional options to fuel your fat-burning and muscle-building pursuits, we break down the digestion speeds that’ll help you do it best. It is estimated the global protein supplement market will surpass $21 [...]

Is Your GPP Up To Scratch?

General Physical Preparedness or GPP refers to a broad, general and inclusive capacity to adapt to any conceivable physical task. The idea is to not just be good in the gym or within a specialty, [...]

Supplementing Secrets of UFC Athletes

While many of the top-level MMA fighters are cautious not to give away any supplementing secrets, these are the six supplement staples that help them reach the sport’s highest level. 1. Creatine This is good [...]

The Rock’s Rules – Dwayne Johnson Feature

When it comes to speaking his mind, Dwayne Johnson calls it like it is. Whether this makes him a hero or anti-hero, he doesn’t care and neither does his newest character: Black Adam. As art [...]

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