15 Minute Workout For Boulder Shoulders


Q: I’ve been training calisthenics for three years and making fantastic gains. My push-up, pull-up and pistol powers have gone through the roof. Now I’m [...]

15 Minute Workout For Boulder Shoulders2020-06-03T04:24:58-06:00

15 Minute Workout – Fat Matters


Q: I’ve been working hard and building muscle, but I still have too much body fat. Is there a workout I can do specifically to [...]

15 Minute Workout – Fat Matters2020-04-27T06:38:13-06:00

Four-week Workout


Q: I am an intermediate lifter and want to incorporate more calisthenics into my training. Is there a program I need to follow? A: Hell [...]

Four-week Workout2020-02-21T05:06:07-06:00

Ready For Everything – Crossfit Routine


Got a heavy box to move? The box doesn't care if you've deadlifted recently, so you better use this crossfit routine to be prepared for [...]

Ready For Everything – Crossfit Routine2020-01-28T10:37:42-06:00

Cory Gregory Workout – Welcome To My Crazy


Muscle’s mad scientist, Cory Gregory doesn’t follow the cookie cutter lifting routine you’ve read about elsewhere. His is a unique blend of hard science blended [...]

Cory Gregory Workout – Welcome To My Crazy2020-01-15T11:13:04-06:00

Take It To The Limit: Give Your Calves A Lift


If you’re lacking in the lower legs, trainer Michael Wittig is here with a workout to boost your calf development. Why train calves when summer [...]

Take It To The Limit: Give Your Calves A Lift2020-01-08T09:59:59-06:00

Bear Arms


How you structure your arm training should be different to other muscle groups. Particularly if you’re not experiencing the gains you crave. EXPERT - Kris Gethin is [...]

Bear Arms2020-01-08T10:17:17-06:00

Bulk the muscle – Crush the fat


Want to gain and lose in the right portions that turn unwanted wobbles into carved muscle? Yes? Then use this four-week building and burning routine [...]

Bulk the muscle – Crush the fat2020-01-08T10:33:20-06:00
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