Under to overarm: Luis Perez transformation


Luis Perez’s athletic journey was not what you’d expect from a freshly signed NFL player. Here’s his transformation of body and mind to become a [...]

Under to overarm: Luis Perez transformation2020-01-09T07:34:34-06:00

Terminate Your Excuses


You might love cuddling up to your excuses and wrapping them around yourself like a warm blanket, but here’s why they’re little more than imaginary [...]

Terminate Your Excuses2020-01-09T07:55:29-06:00

TRANSFORM: Life Changer


Vinny Petrie was in a dead-end job, massively overweight and about to become a father. Everything was going against him until he took charge and [...]

TRANSFORM: Life Changer2020-02-18T05:54:36-06:00

Transform: 199lb Problems


Christopher Duncan was doing his best to balance a busy schedule with school and coaching until he tipped the scales at a record weight and [...]

Transform: 199lb Problems2020-02-25T11:54:37-06:00

Level up your life today!


WORDS RAY KLERCK, EDITOR Chris Cavallini is a pioneer in the fitness and mental toughness industry. He had humble beginnings as he was arrested 17 [...]

Level up your life today!2020-02-25T11:08:50-06:00

Going all in


Looking for an incentive to get fitter? So was Terry Turner and when he saw a fitness influencer lay down a challenge he grasped it [...]

Going all in2020-02-25T11:10:58-06:00

All Change


For John Gramlich, obesity snuck up on him so slowly he hardly noticed until he could no longer fit into his clothes. Rather than go [...]

All Change2020-02-25T11:22:30-06:00

Zachary Levi: BANG! POW! BOOM! MUSCLE!


Zachary Levi was just a normal TV actor when something extraordinary happened. As if by magic, he gained superhero-sized muscles. Here’s the story of the [...]

Zachary Levi: BANG! POW! BOOM! MUSCLE!2020-02-11T07:54:42-06:00
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