Should You Train with Sore Muscles?


If you set yourself a resolution to get into better shape this year, you’re not alone because according to a recent YouGov poll, the number [...]

Should You Train with Sore Muscles?2020-05-27T03:00:10-06:00

CrossFit Cut


Embrace the CrossFit and Thundrbro basics for getting ripped without putting your precious muscle on the chopping block. Dave Lipson is one of the world’s [...]

CrossFit Cut2020-04-24T11:38:16-06:00

How I Got My Body – Lukas Furtenbach


The geographer, 10-time Everest climber, cliff skier and adventurer has been to places where most people would fear to tread. Here’s how he stays fit [...]

How I Got My Body – Lukas Furtenbach2020-04-16T03:30:16-06:00

Details – Muscle


Level Footing Perfect leg symmetry is not just the odd preserve of bodybuilders. It’s also a marker for your likelihood of injury because strength and [...]

Details – Muscle2020-04-06T11:05:36-06:00

Best Bar None


Your trainers: The Kavadlo brothers (Al and Danny) are acclaimed fitness trainers and authors of the book >Next Level Strength. Q: How can I get [...]

Best Bar None2020-04-28T07:01:29-06:00

Simon Newton: How I Got My Body


You may not know the name, but he’s been bodyguard to the likes of Michael Jackson, Kendall Jenner and Rita Ora as well as serving [...]

Simon Newton: How I Got My Body2020-03-24T05:12:52-06:00

Strength training for speed


Everyone would like to be faster, whether it's on the track, on the pitch, on the court, or lifting in the gym. All sports professionals can benefit and in this article, we will look at different types of strength training and why each is beneficial for increasing speed.   

Strength training for speed2020-03-13T11:05:15-06:00
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