Is Turmeric The King of Supplements?


If there's one supplement fit to rule them all it's turmeric. Here’s why it’s should be in every exerciser’s nutritional toolbox Turmeric has often been [...]

Is Turmeric The King of Supplements?2019-11-13T11:37:23-06:00

Are Essential Amino Acids Essential?


You might think you know the drill around branch chain amino acids, but there’s a new supplement in town and it can take your muscle [...]

Are Essential Amino Acids Essential?2019-09-29T07:53:50-06:00

Fire up your metabolism today


If you’re looking to boost your metabolism, the following foods will stoke your internal fires so you’re always on the burn. It is entirely possible [...]

Fire up your metabolism today2019-08-03T07:17:34-06:00

High Performance Teamwork


CarnoSyn® has formed a valuable partnership with the TEST Football Academy that has forged a new kind of athlete. Here are their achievements and experiences [...]

High Performance Teamwork2019-06-05T09:44:30-06:00

Isolate or Blend?


There are good and bad supplements out there, but how can you tell the difference? Bear this advice in mind when you next buy your [...]

Isolate or Blend?2019-05-30T12:29:37-06:00

Ten rules for keto success


You may be eating a ketogenic diet that’s making you leaner but failing you on the health front. Here’s how to be lean for life. [...]

Ten rules for keto success2019-04-30T14:07:52-06:00

On Again Off Again


What’s the deal with our favorite foodstuffs? They’ve got halos one week and horns the next. Let TRAIN fine-tune your diet with the definitive verdict [...]

On Again Off Again2019-04-07T06:03:31-06:00

How CarnoSyn® Benefits Performance Athletes


If you’re looking for a competitive edge in your sport, add CarnoSyn® to your supplement regime. Its unique formula is proven to deliver increased muscle [...]

How CarnoSyn® Benefits Performance Athletes2019-04-10T13:12:18-06:00

The Four Pillars of NFL Success


The NFL Scouting Combine is a make-or-break moment for college players dreaming of a pro career. To help these hopefuls do their best, the TEST [...]

The Four Pillars of NFL Success2020-02-11T11:39:12-06:00
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