On Again Off Again


What’s the deal with our favorite foodstuffs? They’ve got halos one week and horns the next. Let TRAIN fine-tune your diet with the definitive verdict [...]

On Again Off Again2020-02-25T08:40:00-06:00

Fifty ways to love your liver


Well, maybe not quite 50, but you need to find as many ways as you can to look after this vital organ as it’s the [...]

Fifty ways to love your liver2020-02-18T07:30:28-06:00

Bring me sunshine


Roughly one in five now have low vitamin D levels and while it’s easy to get a top-up during the sunny months, now is the [...]

Bring me sunshine2020-02-18T07:18:15-06:00

Gaining resilience


British athletics has undergone a remarkable transformation. Its success can teach you a valuable lesson in developing a mindset that’s relentless about winning. Some of [...]

Gaining resilience2020-02-18T07:28:40-06:00

5 Winter Health Tips


The winter is never a good time for the diet or fitness plan. You struggle to keep either of them going in the face of [...]

5 Winter Health Tips2020-02-18T07:20:32-06:00

9 Effective Ways to Deal with Pre-Festive Anxiety


We all crave and strive to achieve the perfect, idyllic Christmas, but it can also get a little overwhelming. It’s one of the busiest times [...]

9 Effective Ways to Deal with Pre-Festive Anxiety2020-03-03T11:25:01-06:00

Comfort making you soft?


It’s never been easier to live every day with no physical hardship – but is an existence based around being comfortable ruining your health? Do [...]

Comfort making you soft?2020-03-03T11:19:54-06:00

Ace your long game


The ten essential longevity hacks you should be doing as often as possible to make sure you stick around as long as possible The average [...]

Ace your long game2020-03-03T11:28:12-06:00

Flex Lewis: Brains, brawn & all things business


As part-owner of functional food company Sinister Labs, Flex Lewis recently equaled Arnold Schwarzenegger’s record total of six Olympia titles and his success both on [...]

Flex Lewis: Brains, brawn & all things business2020-02-18T04:20:09-06:00
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