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Workout Ender – Cramp


Dr. Kaleb Redden is a sports medicine physician, Titan Games competitor and Kaged Muscle team athlete.   Cramps are your body’s version of holding a [...]

Workout Ender – Cramp2020-11-30T05:04:25-06:00

Losing Focus


Writer, Shayne McGowan, is the founder of mentaledgeperformance.ca Coping with losing can be tricky to navigate. Many athletes are not satisfied unless they win. Unfortunately, [...]

Losing Focus2020-11-02T08:48:58-06:00

Stamp Out Cramp


Cramps are just your body’s way of ratcheting up the exercise intensity, albeit without your express permission. If you’re not a fan of this kind [...]

Stamp Out Cramp2020-11-02T08:49:03-06:00

Plyometric Power


Explosive power is vital to every athlete and it’s not something you should avoid if you have aging joints. Here’s how to do it safely [...]

Plyometric Power2020-11-02T08:49:21-06:00

Ready Player One


Warm-up strategies are evolving faster than an absence of wisdom teeth, tech neck and taking photos of your food before you eat it. They used [...]

Ready Player One2020-08-20T02:07:35-06:00

Pull Up Short


How do you get better at pull-ups? Do more pull-ups. Easy, huh? Well, it’s not quite that simple, because if you add a little technique [...]

Pull Up Short2020-08-13T05:08:46-06:00

6 Daily Habits to Boost Your Results


Q: I’m eating right, lifting consistently and interval training, but are there any one-percenters I can do?   The speed at which your body burns [...]

6 Daily Habits to Boost Your Results2020-07-07T04:04:15-06:00

Strain Today – Pain Tomorrow


Dr. Anthony J. Lombardi specializes in sport injuries, treating professional athletes from a variety of sporting disciplines (www.hamiltonbackclinic.com) Laminectomy of L4-L5 discs, disc decompression of [...]

Strain Today – Pain Tomorrow2020-06-03T08:21:40-06:00

Lower Back Survival Plan


Keep your lower back strong and tweak-free when you’re attacking your WOD by avoiding these common mistakes Overtraining Don’t try to do too much too [...]

Lower Back Survival Plan2020-04-15T10:29:57-06:00
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