Exclusive Interview with Obi Vincent Q+A


CrossLiFTR and all round gent Obi Vincent answers Built For Athletes questions in a quick fire Q&A, he talks his approach to training, athletes he [...]

Exclusive Interview with Obi Vincent Q+A2020-02-21T05:06:03-06:00

6 Ways To Properly Test Your Own Fitness Plan


You'll serve yourself well if you exercise healthy skepticism about the plethora of training information out there on the interwebs. If something sounds up your street but [...]

6 Ways To Properly Test Your Own Fitness Plan2019-12-09T03:30:40-06:00

Fitter by the dollar


If you’d like to begin an adventure in the fitness industry, these are the vital steps for success you should be following to turn your [...]

Fitter by the dollar2020-02-18T05:24:42-06:00

Eat and Train Like The Gronk


This article was originally posted in TRAIN 11 With this year’s season having enjoyed its kick off we caught up with our cover star, Rob [...]

Eat and Train Like The Gronk2019-11-07T08:28:33-06:00

Certified to Extend Life


Once a classic example of a yo-yo dieter, 63-year-old Adrian Kurre is now a model of fitness and health. A wake-up call that coincided with [...]

Certified to Extend Life2020-02-18T04:47:04-06:00

Bio-Hack Your Age


Just because you’re getting older in years doesn’t mean your body has to do the same. Find out how to anti-age your body at cellular [...]

Bio-Hack Your Age2020-02-11T09:35:18-06:00
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