Dad God


Mike Hildebrandt is a dad to five children and has carefully crafted a unique balance between fitness and family because he knows success in one [...]

Dad God2020-02-18T05:20:54-06:00

Mental Fitness


To get in shape doesn’t start with a gym membership, rather it begins by looking at the thought processes that got you unfit to begin [...]

Mental Fitness2020-03-19T05:09:37-06:00

Don’t call it a resolution


Because of past failures you could ignore the opportunity to set new goals in the New Year. Or you could figure out why it didn’t [...]

Don’t call it a resolution2020-02-18T07:10:49-06:00

Jason Statham: Action man


Jason Statham has conquered Hollywood with his carved physique, genuine fighting ability and everyman charm. He spoke to TRAIN about how his workouts enable him [...]

Jason Statham: Action man2020-02-18T07:05:57-06:00

Lower Back Survival Plan


Keep your lower back strong and tweak-free when you’re attacking your WOD by avoiding these common mistakes Overtraining Don’t try to do too much too [...]

Lower Back Survival Plan2020-02-11T11:59:57-06:00

A Path Less Travelled


Shaun Stafford is a two-time pro fitness world champion, Optimum Nutrition Athlete and cover model who decided to break out of his comfort zone and [...]

A Path Less Travelled2020-02-18T07:16:05-06:00

Ageless Middle Management


Sit-ups and crunches, performed over time can play havoc with your spine and core strength. To get stronger and stay injury-free, you need to think [...]

Ageless Middle Management2020-02-11T10:00:46-06:00

How I Got My Body: Adrian Ballinger


Having summited Everest seven times while guiding full-time for 15 years, he has led more than 100 international climbing expeditions. Here’s how he gears up [...]

How I Got My Body: Adrian Ballinger2020-02-18T07:08:49-06:00

My Secret to Fighting Fatigue


Finding a supplement that effectively wards off muscle fatigue while training can be a challenge. There are many ingredients which claim to help delay the [...]

My Secret to Fighting Fatigue2020-02-18T07:22:04-06:00

Crush The Combine With CarnoSyn®


If you’re a budding football player, keen weightlifter or are just looking to up your performance levels, here’s how CarnoSyn® can help you. The NFL [...]

Crush The Combine With CarnoSyn®2018-08-09T03:45:46-06:00
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