6 Daily Habits to Boost Your Results


Q: I’m eating right, lifting consistently and interval training, but are there any one-percenters I can do?   The speed at which your body burns [...]

6 Daily Habits to Boost Your Results2020-07-07T04:04:15-06:00

Strain Today – Pain Tomorrow


Dr. Anthony J. Lombardi specializes in sport injuries, treating professional athletes from a variety of sporting disciplines (www.hamiltonbackclinic.com) Laminectomy of L4-L5 discs, disc decompression of [...]

Strain Today – Pain Tomorrow2020-06-03T08:21:40-06:00

Lower Back Survival Plan


Keep your lower back strong and tweak-free when you’re attacking your WOD by avoiding these common mistakes Overtraining Don’t try to do too much too [...]

Lower Back Survival Plan2020-04-15T10:29:57-06:00

Exclusive Interview with Obi Vincent Q+A


CrossLiFTR and all round gent Obi Vincent answers Built For Athletes questions in a quick fire Q&A, he talks his approach to training, athletes he [...]

Exclusive Interview with Obi Vincent Q+A2020-02-21T05:06:03-06:00

6 Ways To Properly Test Your Own Fitness Plan


You'll serve yourself well if you exercise healthy skepticism about the plethora of training information out there on the interwebs. If something sounds up your street but [...]

6 Ways To Properly Test Your Own Fitness Plan2019-12-09T03:30:40-06:00
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